One thought on “Horrorverhaal – Het Laatste Nieuws 20 Feb 2018

  1. We appreciate very much your activities of raising the awareness of all the planned traffic changes concerning the area.
    Indeed, it is outrageous how decisions are taken without appropriately taking into account the concerns of all citizens of Albertwijk.
    Coming back from abroad we realise that Albertlaan has been changed partially already into one-way traffic, without receiving appropriate notice from the local administration.
    As citizens living in Ernst-Claeslaan since 1993 we find this inacceptable. The planned blocking of access to Albertlaan from the Avenue de Tervuren not even leaving open the access via the small Hoogvorst lane, will not only be rather inconvenient for all of us and our visitors etc., but can create life-threatening danger since ambulances , firefighters etc, will be also blocked from entering thus being diverted. The extra time necessary will be to the detriment of citizens concerned.
    In addition, I am surprised about Tervuren’s argument to give a more secure access for Holy Heat College students to the Tervuren/Albertlaan -crossing, especially as most of these students can be seen coming via the crossing of Oppenstraat/Tervurenlaan since the local GB express shop has become a convenient meeting point for them.
    Good luck with your efforts to still remedy the situation!

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